Your Complete Program Management Solution

BriefingEdge is the most comprehensive scheduling, tracking, and reporting system available for your briefing program.
Plan, schedule, manage, report ... relax. BriefingEdge easily handles everything to keep your briefing program running smoothly and efficiently.

Superior Feature Set

BriefingEdge boasts the most robust feature set of any visit management solution. The tools are continuously evolving to meet the needs of the World Class Briefing Programs that we help support.

Unrivaled Customization

We work with you to customize your BriefingEdge Solution to perfectly match your environment. Everthing from the terminology used throughout the system, to the scheduling rules and visit request requirements. Everything is configured to your specifications.

Infinite Scalability

BriefingEdge is used to manage briefing programs of all sizes and complexity. It is designed to scale WITH your program. It doesn't matter if you have 1 center or are adding your 100th center, BriefingEdge has the solution for you and your team.

Superior Feature Set

BriefingEdge provides executive briefing programs an unprecedented level of control, combining the most comprehensive feature set with genuine program flexibility.

Briefing Edge maintains customizable calendars showing room status, customer activity, site availability and visit status so you easily keep track of your center activity.
Briefing Edge automatically assigns rooms for in-house visits, manages the complete itinerary for off-site visits, schedules all resources for multi-center visits and can schedule shared rooms in multiple centers for telepresence meetings.
With an extensive collection of over 50 reports and dashboards, Briefing Edge allows you to see the status of your program from virtually any perspective. Automatic reports can boost productivity enormously by collecting data, generating the report, and running it every day or every week with the results e-mailed to management.

Unrivaled Customization

BriefingEdge is easily tailored to reflect your briefing center and your company policies. Its flexible, data-driven architecture allows you to fine-tune features, labels and descriptions, scheduling rules, facility specs, e-mail templates, reports, and much more. BriefingEdge quickly takes on the look and feel of a custom application specifically developed for your briefing center.

Infinite Scalability

BriefingEdge uses Enterprise-Level SQL Server Databases. Whether you have one briefing center or dozens around the world, BriefingEdge effortlessly scales to meet your needs. BriefingEdge schedules over 3,000 visits per month across 25 programs in 17 countries. Each client has their own web and database using BriefingEdge servers located in Asheville, NC.

Our Valued Customers

BriefingEdge is the exclusive program management system used at the most technically advanced briefing centers throughout the world. These programs are diverse and highly customized but they share a common objective: to provide a world-class visit experience for their customers.

BriefingEdge supports programs of all shapes and sizes -- from single center organizations to global programs spanning countries and continents. BriefingEdge is the most proven solution, currently being used by more than 30 briefing programs at 300+ locations around the world.

These companies use BriefingEdge every day to manage their briefing program, track the life cycle of every opportunity, demonstrate the impact of the briefing program and to present an uncompromised image of quality, reliability and service.

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